Chocolate Oats

For this recipe, I have to thank my gorgeous sister, Alice.  She’s vegan, and along with my dietary requirements, I often spend time trying to figure out ways to feed us both when she comes over!

After a sleepover a few weeks ago, the following morning (for once!) I didn’t have to make her breakfast! She whipped up these chocolate oats, and it was such a nice change from my normal oats.

As they’re vegan you’ll need to use cacao powder.  You need quite a lot to give that chocolatey taste, but you’re also getting all the goodness from the raw chocolate, and that can’t be a bad thing!

Al and I

Chocolate Oats

Prep Time: 10 minutes     Cook Time: 20 minutes     Servings: 2


  • 1 cup of oats (gluten free oats if sensitive to oat gluten)
  • 1 cup of dairy free milk, such as almond, or water.  Alternatively, 1/2 milk and 1/2 cup water
  • 2 tablespoons of cacao powder
  • 1 ripe banana, mashed
  • 1 tablespoon of honey, agave nectar or maple syrup
  • Variety of toppings, such as strawberries, goji berries, dessicated coconut, chocolate nibs or nut butter

Chocolate Oats


  1. In a pan, over a medium heat, tip in the oats, milk or water and banana, and mix well
  2. Add in the cacao powder and sweetener of choice and mix well
  3. Leave to cook over a medium heat, occasionally stirring to prevent sticking
  4. Check the taste, as you may want to add more cacao if it doesn’t taste chocolatey enough
  5. Serve once it’s reached the consistency and taste you like and top with your choice of toppings!

Al and I 2

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